Is It The Right Time For Your Business To Go Solar?


Is It The Right Time For Your Business To Go Solar?

Solar energy can seem like a daunting investment, and you may have been holding off from purchasing a solar installation for your business until the time is right. Unfortunately, figuring out when “the time is right” can be extremely difficult, given how quickly the solar industry is growing and adapting. However, 2023 is undoubtedly the best time to go solar for a few different reasons, from time-sensitive solar incentives to preparation for inevitable change. 

Dwindling Non-Renewable Resources

Non-renewable resources have provided the US with energy since the early 19th century, but soon that will have to change. Coal, oil and natural gas reserves are being slowly but surely depleted. Natural gas prices have reached a 14-year high, with no sign of dropping. Oil and natural gas resources will be depleted in 50 years, or even sooner if renewable energy isn’t adopted fast enough.

There’s also the matter of carbon emissions and their environmental impact to consider. Air pollution created by the burning of coal and other non-renewable energy sources has pushed the temperature of the globe dangerously high, and we may collectively surpass the global 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit maximum increase in temperature agreed upon at the 2015 G20 summit. Switching to solar now ensures that your business does its part in reducing its carbon footprint. 

Solar and EV charging

When electric vehicles become a necessity, so will EV chargers. Up to 75% of cars could be EVs by 2050. Rather than becoming a problem, this represents an opportunity for businesses. Your simplistic parking lot can be turned into a reliable source of solar energy with the help of solar canopies and carports. Both customers and employees will gravitate towards businesses which provide convenient EV charging. Customers will spend more time at your business location, increasing the likelihood of making a sale. On top of the rising popularity of EV charger access, there are currently several state-specific rebates for the installation of EV chargers for public or employee use. 

Solar May Become Mandatory

If your business is located in California, you’re probably already aware that the state has mandated all new commercial property owners to install solar energy with battery backup. However, as the US strives for 100% renewable energy consumption, new mandates may soon come to pass in other states as well which look to retrofit solar onto existing commercial properties. 

Instead of having to panic and look for the fastest, though not necessarily the most cost-effective solar installation service, use the time you have now to explore all your options and choose wisely. Solar energy can provide you with over 25 years of solar savings and offset up to 100% of your energy consumption, especially when installed by a top-notch solar installation service such as IE Construction

Energy Inflation Increases Overhead Costs

As energy inflation continues to rise, so will your electricity bills. Rising prices are partially due to the demand for electricity, and partly due to the strain on an outdated electricity grid which needs more investment in repairs with each year that passes. Electricity accounts for a significant portion of business operating costs, which is why switching to solar is an excellent way to save on electricity bills and re-invest in the growth of your business

Switch To Solar With IE Construction

switch to solar with IE Construction

Options for commercial solar installations may have been limited in the past, but IE Construction reverses the assumption that only large-scale franchises can afford to go solar. Businesses of all sizes now have access to tailored solar solutions, a range of financing options and top-quality customer service. 

The federal solar tax credit currently offers businesses the opportunity to regain 30% of their investment in solar energy. This incentive will continue until 2033, after which it will fall back down to 26% and eventually be discontinued. If you’d like to learn more about your commercial solar options and the incentives available, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Our solar energy advisors can help your business make the switch to solar while the time is still right. 

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