Which Types of Businesses Stand To Gain The Most From Solar?


Which Types of Businesses Stand To Gain The Most From Solar?

From cutting overhead electricity costs to developing a green brand image, solar is becoming an increasingly important next step for businesses all over the country. The transition to renewable energy is crucial, especially since the rising demand for power is straining the utility grid with detrimental repercussions ranging from increased blackouts to sky-high electricity rates. While solar energy is easy to install and benefits businesses in all sectors, some businesses are uniquely suited to commercial solar installation. This week we will explore which businesses stand to gain the most from solar energy and why they are able to do so. 

Farms (Agrovoltaics)

Sustainably grown produce is a hit with consumers. A farm can easily position itself as a green and sustainable business, marketing to a whole new consumer base that will pay a premium price for products that are made or grown using renewable energy. Solar energy is also instrumental in reducing the heavy cost of electricity that cuts into the profits of farming. In fact, solar installation is so popular in the agricultural industry that it has been dubbed “agrovoltaics”, a term that refers to the marriage of solar panels and farming land. Solar panels can help provide much-needed shade for crops and provide up to 100% offset on energy consumption at the same time.

solar panels help in farming

Car Dealerships and Manufacturers

Given the rise of electric vehicles, there’s never been a better time to invest in EV chargers and the carports that sustain them. When coupled with incentives, solar energy savings increase along with return on investment, offering car dealerships the chance to improve their bottom line. Solar prices are at an all-time low thanks to the Federal Solar Tax Credit which cuts 30% of the total cost of installation. Car dealerships have plenty of space to install solar panels due to their expansive parking lots, and now that solar energy has grown beyond roof-mounted installations, car dealerships are uniquely suited to alternative forms of PV technology. Solar carports can be used to generate electricity for the whole property as well as charging EVs, and a solar canopy can provide additional shade over parking spots. 


The hospitality industry racks up some of the hugest electricity bills of all due to the constant turnaround of guests and staff. The sheer amount of power consumption by hotels can be reduced dramatically with the help of solar energy, slashing utility bills down to their bare bones. Hotels can cut their overhead electricity costs significantly with solar panels and can even provide renewable-generated power throughout the night with battery storage. Furthermore, hotels can use battery backup to keep essential appliances running during power outages, ensuring an uninterrupted and comfortable stay for all guests. This helps offset the losses caused by blackouts and improve customer satisfaction. 

Pharmaceutical Companies

Maintenance of correct temperatures during storage and transport, production of pharmaceuticals, waste management and corporate offices all require power, and the current consumption of non-renewable energy in the process is damaging the environment. Temperatures are being pushed up by carbon emissions as pharmaceutical companies try to strike a delicate balance between meeting growing demand and mitigating climate change. Renewable energy emerges as a saviour, cutting carbon emissions down to a bare minimum. With environmental impact the chief among ESG issues, solar energy can have an immediate and positive effect on all pharmaceutical companies’ environmental goals. 


Laundromats are energy-intensive businesses. Besides the obvious power consumption of laundry machines and dryers, there’s the added power consumed by heating and cooling appliances, as well as lighting. Installing a solar installation on the roof or parking area of a laundromat is a great way to showcase commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its operations while also cutting overhead electricity costs in a big way. 


The wine industry consumes a lot of energy because extensive cooling is required during the fermentation stages and during the storage of the finished product. Bottling and then the subsequent distribution and delivery of wine are also intensive power-consuming processes. An investment in solar energy is particularly fortuitous to wineries since it showcases environmental responsibility, especially since climate change is already impacting wine production. The fluctuations in global temperatures are shifting the timeline of grape harvesting, which impacts the taste and overall quality of wines. By investing in solar energy, wineries can lead by example and lessen the environmental impact of non-renewable energy consumption, helping save vintners from the loss of the very foundations of their craft. On top of this, wineries also stand to benefit from increased profits thanks to solar savings on their electricity bills.

winery businesses gain most from solar energy

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage companies are uniquely suited to solar energy because of the huge amounts of available space for solar panels to be mounted on. Self-storage facilities can produce more than enough electricity to run operations, leading to excellent savings and increased profitability. As a cost-effective source of power that is easy to implement in a short amount of time, solar is becoming the go-to investment for self-storage facilities across the US. 

Go Solar With IE ConstructionNo matter the industry or size, all businesses can benefit from an investment in solar energy. Renewable energy can get you on track for your ESG goals, improve the profitability of your business and reduce your carbon footprint. With unmatched expertise in commercial solar and a commitment to delivering seamless solar solutions, choosing IE Construction is the best way to incorporate solar energy into your own business. Contact our solar experts today and find out how IE Construction can help you make the switch to solar energy. 

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