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Solar panels can provide enough electricity to power your whole company if you choose, but only during daylight hours. The answer to complete energy independence is solar batteries, which you can purchase along with solar panels.

We ensure that the installation process goes smoothly from the first phone call to the completion of the solar installation. An installation can take between 6-9 months to complete depending on the weather conditions and your company’s schedule.

We will evaluate the condition of your roof and if damages such as leaking or sagging are present, we will provide you for a quote for a new roof using the most durable, solar-panel friendly materials to make sure your solar panels have a solid foundation for the next couple of decades.

Solar power alone won’t be able to run your building if it is grid tied, unless you have battery backup. Batteries ensure that even if your local utility company experiences an issues and cuts the power supply, you’ll be able to operate.

Yes! We offer a standard 25-year warranty to ensure your solar panels provide a reliable source of clean, renewable energy.
Solar panels add to property value immensely, but if you need to move out of your home, you can also take your solar panels with you.
We have partered with Sunnova to offer a range of finance options for your solar installation. We will also advise you on the available rebates and tax credits you can benefit from.
You’ll be able to move into a brand new, solar-powered home. Remove the hassle of having two separate installations and get your home and your solar system at once. Your property value will rise, and you’ll be able to start saving on electricity immediately.
Yes! We offer a standard 25-year warranty to ensure your solar panels provide a reliable source of clean, renewable energy.
When you buy a solar property, you’ll fully own both the home and the brand new solar installation. You’ll have access to tax rebates that can lower the cost of solar installation expenses and enjoy the benefits of solar without having to do any of the work yourself.
You’ll own a brand new home with brand new solar panels, knowing they are made of the most durable and top-quality materials. You’ll be able to experience the savings of the full life of solar panels rather than buying ahouse with pre-installed solar panels which may already have a few years on them.
Yes! Your solar installation will be tied to the grid, allowing you to start saving on electricity immediately. You can take a step further later by purchasing solar batteries.