Reduce overhead cost


Reduce overhead cost

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst car dealerships. In recent years, solar panels have become more affordable due to a gradual drop in price and incentives that significantly decrease the ROI period. 

Reducing overhead costs is one of the best ways a car dealership can save money. Using solar panels to generate electricity can improve your profit margin by reducing or completely eliminating your electricity bills. With the recently updated solar federal tax credit, you could recover almost a third of your investment (30%) and shorten your ROI period to five years or less. This means you’ll be able to start reinvesting in your growth sooner rather than later, and you’ll never have to depend on a utility company ever again.

Running showrooms, lighting outdoor lots, powering parts and service equipment and using HVAC units all consume a lot of energy, placing car dealerships at an 18% higher energy consumption than most other commercial businesses. Coupled with plentiful, flat roof space, car dealerships are the best place to install solar. Tens of thousands of car dealerships have started employing solar energy to generate power and have seen significant savings because of it. Free from the dread of ever rising electricity price hikes, car dealerships with solar have more room to expand and keep business costs down.  

Car dealerships that invest in commercial solar energy can be prepared to introduce EVs to their showrooms when they become more popular. EVs are attracting a lot of attention due to the sustainable and reliable nature of electricity that will soon outpace fossil-fuel powered cars.  Having solar panels to upkeep EVs will be vital as electricity prices inevitably rise. Your car dealership will be ready for EVs when the market calls for it, and you’ll be ahead of others with a smooth transition. 

Car dealerships can maximize their solar savings by investing in energy-efficient appliances, for example, LED light bulbs. 

Set yourself apart from other car dealerships by becoming sustainably powered. Get an edge on the competition by being part of the shift towards solar energy now rather than later. You’ll attract a new base of customers who value sustainably-oriented businesses.  

Infinity Energy Construction is the number one way to go solar for commercial businesses. We offer experience, quality, and professional installation that won’t get in the way of your day-to-day business operations. Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty and will work up to 40 years after installation, meaning you could look forward to decades of spectacular savings.  Click the link below to contact us today and find out how Infinity Energy Construction can help your business make the switch to solar energy.

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