Why choose IEC for solar?


Why choose IEC for solar?

Commercial solar is an excellent opportunity to save money for your business. Not only will incentives reduce your ROI period, you’ll also attract the growing market of environmentally conscious consumers. However, before you can reap any of the benefits of solar, you must first make sure to choose the best installation service for you. Infinity Energy Construction is the best choice for businesses seeking out commercial solar. We’re here to offer our professional services and seamless installations to businesses interested in solar, and we’d like to tell you just how we can help your business.

For Home builders, Infinity Energy Construction is the best way to incorporate solar into your newly-constructed homes. Consumers value sustainable solar homes that are able to generate their own power and are sheltered from the volatile changes in energy prices. With solar panels becoming mandatory for newly constructed homes in California, and other states soon, now is the time to offer solar to customers- and you can do that with Infinity Energy Construction. 

  1. We offer the best materials

Infinity Energy Construction prides itself on providing installations completed with the highest quality materials. A solar installation must withstand the elements, which is why professional installation is vital. When backed up by batteries, our installations provide energy during blackouts, brownouts and during storms. Our solar panels can withstand heavy rain, hail, and tropical storms. If you’re worried about the danger presented by birds, such as droppings and nests, our solar panel installation process takes care to protect your solar panels from debris or wire damage. 

2. Professional installation that doesn’t get in your way

The Infinity Energy Construction installation team collaborates seamlessly with each business to ensure they don’t get in the way of your day-to-day operations. The installation process may span from days to weeks, depending on factors such as weather, but IEC gets the job done quickly, efficiently and with minimum hassle. We collaborate seamlessly with homebuilders and business owners to get solar panels installed on time. 

3. Outstanding Warranties

There’s no better guarantee on solar panels than a warranty to ensure power for your business or your client’s homes for many years to come. Our solar equipment comes with a standard 25-year warranty that protects your solar panels in the event of a failure. 

4. Attractive Financing Options

For commercial businesses looking to invest in solar, financing may be necessary. An upfront cash payment isn’t always possible, which is why Infinity Energy Construction offers loans on solar panels. When purchasing solar panels from us, make sure to enquire about our loan options, which vary based on payment amount, term and interest rate. 

Infinity Energy Construction is committed to providing high-quality, seamless solar installations. Whether you are a commercial business seeking out ways to cut overhead costs, or a home builder looking to expand into the growing solar home market, Infinity Energy Construction is ready to handle your installation and make your solar dreams a reality. 

Click the link below to contact us today and find out how Infinity Energy Construction can help your business make the switch to solar energy.

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