Solar For Newly Constructed Homes


Solar For Newly Constructed Homes

The home construction business has been presented with a brand new opportunity- newly constructed solar homes. The solar industry has boomed in the past decade, and installations are more affordable than ever. Customers can benefit by saving dollars and immediately getting tax rebates on an installation without having to procure solar panels later. They also benefit from a pleasing aesthetic of a home built for panels, instead of a home with retrofitted solar panels which can be complex to install on an existing roof. As a home builder, you may wonder if incorporating solar into your home builds is worth it. Read on to find out how offering renewable energy in your newly constructed homes can benefit your business.

1. The positive trend of sustainable construction will attract customers . 

Maintaining a powerful relationship with your customer and aligning with their values is paramount to business success. Due to the awareness surrounding solar savings and climate change, customers are looking towards companies to provide sustainable solutions. By offering solar installations in brand-new homes, you’re tapping into a large base of environmentally-conscious consumers.

 2. Saving the environment by reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

In the same spirit of environmental consciousness, investing in solar energy is a great way to reduce carbon emissions in residential homes. Solar energy is a clean,renewable resource that doesn’t waste water, unlike coal energy which wastes billions of gallons of water each year. Traditional energy sources are no longer sustainable, gas and coal will run out by as soon as 2060 if the current rate of consumption doesn’t increase, which in itself is highly unlikely unless renewable energy resources become widespread.

3. Comply with new building regulations.

Since 2020, California has made it mandatory to have solar panels installed in new construction homes, and other states such as New Mexico, Texas and Nevada are set to follow suit in the next few years. Establish yourself as a leader in the construction industry and get ahead of the trend by adopting solar into your home builder business plan. Solar installation companies offer their services to home builders, making the transition straightforward. Finding a solar installation service that can work seamlessly with your company is extremely important, so it’s better to do your research sooner rather than later. 

Home builders and solar installers both have much to benefit from the growing demand for solar homes. Now is the time to take a strategic step and incorporate solar installations into your home builds. Make solar a major selling point for your business by working with Infinity Energy Construction to incorporate solar into your construction process quickly and efficiently. Click the link below to contact us today and find out how Infinity Energy Construction can help your business make the switch to solar energy.

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