Buy Homes With Solar


Buy Homes With Solar

Did you know that demand for products marketed as sustainable has grown five times more than those that aren’t? Home builders can get a competitive advantage amongst new home builders by offering built-in solar panels. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious every day and many look out for sustainable homes. By offering newly-constructed homes with inbuilt photovoltaic power, you’re tapping into a new base of consumers who are actively seeking out environmentally-conscious homes.

In a similar vein, consumers will appreciate the aesthetic and advantages of freshly-designed solar homes. A solar-home is built to accommodate solar panels and therefore has the appropriate design, whereas homeowners who plan to install solar panels later have to consider a range of obstacles such as trees, chimneys and shade to retrofit a solar installation to their exisiting house design.

Solar installation can be a time-consuming process, which is why consumers want to buy homes with a high-quality installation that runs upon purchase. When consumers buy a solar home, they’re getting all of the benefits with none of the groundwork. Consumers can buy a home and start recovering costs immediately. They can also benefit from solar rebates such as the new 30% tax credit on solar installation costs.

Consumers will appreciate that solar homes have an automatically higher value. Properties with solar panel systems typically have a 4% higher value than traditionally-powered homes. With solar being more affordable than ever, more home builders are looking into the inclusion of solar systems in their home designs. Solar is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners, which is why its a great time to consider offering solar-powered homes to your consumers. Interested in purchasing solar for construction homes? Click the link below to contact us today and find out how Infinity Energy Construction can help you integrate solar energy into your home builder business.

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