EV Chargers Gain Popularity in New Home Builds


EV Chargers Gain Popularity in New Home Builds

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular amenity for new home construction builds, and not just in the form of solar panels. Apart from solar panels, solar homes can include battery backup, thermal solar and EV chargers. With electric vehicles becoming ubiquitous, home builders will soon need to meet the demands for the infrastructure necessary to sustain them at home, in the form of home EV charging stations. 

As scary or unbelievable as it may seem, we’re currently living in an unsustainable world. Fortunately, many homeowners have begun to take steps towards an all-electric lifestyle, significantly reducing their reliance on non-renewable resources, but there’s still a long way to go before we reach the goal of net zero emissions. As you may already know, homeowners are often motivated to invest in PV technology not because of the environmental benefits, but because of the associated savings. EV and EV charger sales are rising as part of the same narrative thanks to skyrocketing fuel prices.

Meeting sustainability goals as the energy crisis intensifies and the impact of climate change becomes apparent is vital, and by providing solar homes to customers, home builders can make a huge difference. Vehicular emissions cause significant pollution and are one of the major areas where climate-changing effects can be mitigated by taking fossil-fuel powered engines off the road. The carbon emission reducing benefits of solar energy can be even more effective when paired with battery backup, as excess energy can be stored and used to charge an EV instead of pulling from the fossil-fuel powered utility grid. 

meeting sustainability goals

How Can Home Builders Benefit?

Building all-electric communities is definitely in the interests of home builders. EV chargers can be a valuable addition to your home electrification services, and are highly incentivized in many states. Even though currently there isn’t a nation-wide rebate available, home builders can save thousands of dollars by cashing in on state incentives for building energy-efficient homes complete with EV chargers. For more information on rebates and incentives for the installation of EV chargers, contact IE Construction and speak to an expert energy advisor. 

EV chargers are also proven to add to home value. Research shows that homes with EV charging capabilities sell for between 1% and 3% more than those without, and they are taken off the market sooner too. If your new home construction business is searching for ways to break out ahead of the competition, adding EV chargers to your new home builds will give you the edge you need. 
By offering EV chargers in solar home builds, you’re providing convenience. Public EV charging isn’t the most convenient, and as more electric vehicles populate our roads, homeowners will be more interested in being able to charge their vehicles at home without having to drive anywhere or wait for anyone else, or pay for charging services. On a similar vein, retrofitting an EV charger to a home can be extremely complicated and expensive, which is why eco-conscious home buyers are searching for homes that have everything they need already in place.

Another factor to take into account is that very soon EV chargers may become a requirement in new home construction. This is already true in California due to Title 24 which includes provisions for outlets that support EV chargers and EV carports for multi-family home parking lots. In California there are plans to make 68% of all vehicle sales electric by 2030 in order to phase out gas-powered vehicles. It’s highly likely that other states will implement similar policies soon, which is why new home construction businesses should be prepared to profit from this inevitable change.

providing Convenience with EV charging in new build homes

In conclusion, right now is the best time for home builders to add EV chargers to their new home construction projects. Due to the growing demand for convenient at-home EV charging, home builders stand to profit from providing high-quality, convenient EV charging stations. However, EV chargers, like most types of PV technology, are complex and you require a knowledgable solar industry partner to help you avoid unnecessary risks and pitfalls. IE Construction provides turn-key solar solutions to home builders, and can help you achieve your EV charger installation goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help you incorporate EV charging facilities into your new home builds, hassle free and at cost-effective prices. 

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