Power an EV with solar


Power an EV with solar

Thanks to advancements in PV technology, solar is becoming an efficient and modern way to generate electricity. Battery storage is available to store excess electricity, which can be put back into the grid at night. Solar is reliable, emission-free and a very smart choice for investment. Solar can power electric vehicles (EVs) which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Commercial solar has many advantages. Not only is solar a clean, renewable energy source, but it’s also cost-effective. Here are a few great reasons to consider purchasing commercial solar. 

Can you power an EV with solar?

If you own and utilize EVs, or plan to incorporate carports for employees or the public, you may be hesitant to switch to a renewable energy source. That’s completely understandable, however, solar panel installations are more than capable of producing electricity for businesses, including the electricity consumption necessary for EVs. You can install solar panels on your building’s roof, or go for ground-mounted solar panels if you don’t have enough roof space. A very good way to take advantage of the capabilities of solar panels is to incorporate solar carports into your parking spaces. This is an excellent advantage for both customers and employees who drive EVs and helps encourage others to switch to an electric vehicle. The carport acts as both an electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) powered by solar panels and a shelter from the weather for vehicles. 

Save money on electricity bills and help the environment.

Purchasing solar energy is a smart choice for any business looking to avoid energy inflation and rising overhead costs. You can offset up to 100% of your electricity bills with solar energy. Since solar panels generate electricity for 25 or more years, you’ll not only return your investment but offset your electricity bills for a decade by utilizing solar energy.

You can go a step further and invest in energy storage to gather excess electricity, which can be used at night for your business purposes or overnight EV charging. You won’t have to draw as much power from the grid, avoiding high electricity rates. 

Solar is an excellent opportunity to create a sustainable image. 

In addition to saving money on electricity bills, solar can also cultivate a sustainable image that attracts customers. With people paying more attention to the environmental impact of the businesses they choose to purchase from, generating renewable energy and providing EV charging stations is a great way to gain positive reviews and attract customers. Showing that your business is truly committed to helping the environment is a brilliant way to both modernize your business and make a difference. 

Get rebates and incentives on your EVCSs. 

Did you know that you can get incentives and rebates for the installation of EVCS- electric vehicle charging stations? California offers a number of appealing incentives which can reduce the project cost of installation and equipment, depending on your utility provider. 

Go Solar with IE Construction

Allow employees to charge their electric vehicles at work. Create a sustainable image. Help the environment. Encourage consumers to purchase an EV with the availability of carport charging.  IE Construction is committed to providing top-quality solar installations, working seamlessly alongside businesses to make sure they get commercial solar quickly, professionally and without a hiccup. Click the link below to contact us today and find out how IE Construction can help your business make the switch to solar energy.

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