Future of Home Builds: Incorporating Solar into New Home Construction


Future of Home Builds: Incorporating Solar into New Home Construction

As more and more people become increasingly aware of the impact of human activities on the environment, there has been a growing demand for more eco-friendly and sustainable living. The increased popularity of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, can be attributed to their rising usage among homeowners. One way to harness the power of solar energy is by installing solar panels on newly constructed homes, this article will discuss why homebuyers should consider solar panels when building a new home.

1. Long-Term Savings

When purchasing a new home, potential buyers should consider the advantages of installing solar panels, primarily the potential for significant savings on their electricity bills. By harnessing sunlight, solar panels generate electricity without relying on non-renewable resources or conventional power grids and make significant cost savings in the long term. On average, homeowners can save anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000 throughout the lifespan of their solar installation, depending on the local electricity costs in their region. By taking advantage of solar power, homeowners can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also enjoy significant financial benefits in the long term.

Newly constructed homes equipped with solar energy offer an additional benefit in terms of cost savings. Because homeowners can start using solar energy as soon as they move in, they will never have to worry about paying inflated utility bills. As soon as homeowners move in, they can start saving money for 25+ years. 

3. Flexible Design Options

By choosing to invest in a newly constructed solar home, you are making a deliberate decision to invest in a property that has been tailored to maximize the potential of solar power. During the construction process, you can ensure that all solar-related equipment, including wiring, panels, inverters, and batteries, are seamlessly integrated into the building, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system. While some may perceive solar panels as unattractive, the truth is that when installed on a modern home that has been specifically designed to incorporate them, they can actually enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal.

3. Set a Valuable Example

By choosing to incorporate solar into your home during construction, you are leading your community toward a more sustainable future by example. By inspiring others to either retrofit solar panels to their existing home or have solar panels installed during home construction, you are going the extra mile towards our sustainability goals. As noted below, in some states, solar panels will soon be a requirement for new residential construction, making it advantageous to transition to solar energy now to take advantage of incentives and set an example for others.

3. Protecting The Environment

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not emit any harmful emissions or contribute to environmental pollution, so installing solar in your new home will benefit you and the environment. You will save money on your electricity bills and the planet by lowering your carbon footprint. This can prove to be a critical factor for individuals committed to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and are concerned about their carbon footprint on the environment.

4. Get Energy Independence

Solar panels offer homeowners a means of achieving energy independence. By generating their electricity, homeowners can minimize their reliance on the grid and avoid the fluctuations in energy prices that often accompany them. This advantage is especially beneficial for those residing in areas prone to frequent power outages or those seeking to reduce their dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels.

5. Government Solar Incentives

If homeowners decide to install solar panels, they can benefit from a variety of government benefits. These incentives frequently take the form of state-level rebates, federal tax credits, and other financial perks that can significantly lower the installation’s initial cost. Homeowners may also, in some circumstances, be able to sell any surplus energy produced by their solar panels back to the grid, which would further reduce their energy costs and give them an extra source of income.

6. Solar as an Investment

Considering installing solar panels in a new home can lead to a lasting investment that you won’t regret. Even though the initial expenses of installation might be substantial, the long-term benefits of reduced energy costs and the possibility of augmenting property value render it a sound investment. Moreover, solar panels are durable and require only minimal maintenance, making them a safe investment option for homeowners.

7. California Solar Mandate

It’s important to consider California’s solar mandate while deciding whether to go solar for your new home, as the law requires residential buildings, including single-family homes and multi-family buildings, to go solar by January 1, 2023. So it’s now more than necessary to go solar. The California mandate will help you reduce your power bills by an estimated $80 a month, despite the increasing cost of a new home.

8. The New Solar Homes Partnership Program

The New Solar Homes Partnership is a program created under the California Energy Commission’s comprehensive California Solar Initiative, which offers financial aid to support the development of new solar-powered homes. Apply for this program using their online application tool before constructing your new home.

The program has been granted a budget of over $400 million, with additional funding expected allocated in the coming year. Its primary objective is to assist new home builders in managing the upfront expenses associated with a solar installation, thereby increasing the appeal and long-term viability of solar power as an investment option.

Choose IE Construction for Solar in New Home Builds

In conclusion, the decision to install solar panels in a new home has numerous benefits, including long-term cost savings, energy independence, and efficient design. With government incentives such as federal tax credits and state-level rebates available to homeowners, the initial cost of installation can be significantly reduced. Should you be contemplating the installation of solar panels in your new home, IE Construction has the requisite expertise as a solar provider to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you derive maximum value from the advantages of renewable energy. By partnering with home builders throughout the United States, we can help you achieve energy independence and cost savings from the moment you move in. Contact us today to learn more about which properties are eligible for solar installation.

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