Solar impact on roof warranty


Solar impact on roof warranty

Solar is beneficial to businesses in multiple ways, from garnering a sustainable profile, to savings on electricity bills, to energy independence in the face of blackouts and brownouts. As a business, you likely have a warranty on your roof, probably for a period of 10-25 years. Solar panels can provide you with renewable energy for 25-35 years or more, which is why it’s important to evaluate the state of your roof and the remaining warranty.

The good news is that your rooftop solar system shouldn’t affect your roof’s warranty. Consult with your solar installation company to make sure they are able to fulfill all the requirements that allow you to keep your roof warranty, such as waterproof racking, the load capacity of your roof and any necessary modifications.

In order to install solar panels, your roof should have at least 10 years of running life left to be able to properly support them. While the best time to install solar panels is when you replace your roof, solar panels will not void your existing roof’s warranty, and will not damage your roof during the mounting and racking process.

The main pain points associated with installing solar panels are shoddy installations that lead to roof damage such as broken tiles, a broken roofing membrane and leaking. You also need to avoid factors such as low-quality mounting, incorrect fasteners and lack of waterproofing, all of which could potentially put your warranty at risk. The only possible solution is to consult a reliable installation service with plenty of experience, and Infinity Energy fits the bill. Infinity Energy partners with Owens Corning to make sure your roof is in the safe hands of a top-notch roofing contractor. Infinity Energy Company is here to help you on your way to your commercial solar installation. We work closely with roofing professionals to provide you with the best quality materials available and provide you with a stable foundation for your brand-new solar installation. Contact Infinity Energy today to get started.

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